Today’s Bluetooth technology offers additional levels of safety to automobile drivers that wasn’t present even 5 years ago, and we think it’s a wonderful thing! Bluetooth technology is helping to reduce the number of accidents and improve problems with distracted driving.

With Bluetooth, drivers can safely to talk on their cell phones and still keep both hands on the steering wheel. They also reduce fines from law enforcement agencies. The beauty of this ever-evolving technology, is that not only is it becoming more and more common in new vehicles, but it can be retro-fitted in older vehicles as well.

Some of the cool Bluetooth features you can have/or install for your vehicle are…

  • Visor speakerphone. These are often battery powered and automatically connect to your cellular phone when you enter the vehicle. No special installation is required.
  • Wireless Earpieces. These take just moments to set up. The devices also help drivers comply with hands-free laws.
  • GPS navigation devices. Drivers can communicate to the navigation device through a Bluetooth headset and make hands-free calls.
  • MP3 players that sync up to your sound system. This allows you to stream music and control your MP3 player from the stereo head unit.
  • Rear-view mirrors with caller ID and speaker phone.
  • Headsets for listening to music. Passengers can listen to music without plugging wires into the sound system or MP3 player.

Now, it’s not for us to say that Bluetooth use on the road is 100% preventative for fatal crashes (or any crashes for that matter). No, it’s not. The only way to completely eliminate any risk of distracted driving crashes of any type is to just not have a cell phone on at all while you are driving. However, many drivers don’t like that idea either. So, you have a medium that gives you a certain amount of safety when driving, and that law enforcement will tolerate being used.

According to the National Safety Council, no state has a law prohibiting all cell phone use while driving. And, even though you may have a hands-free device in operation, you can still be a distracted driver if not careful. So, our advice…Don’t take this or any driver technology for granted and always be alert and mindful of the road when driving!


Drive Safely!


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