If you are driving on the streets of El Paso, TX, (or anywhere really), you are highly likely to share the road with underinsured and uninsured motorists. Even though laws exist requiring drivers to be insured, people still drive around without coverage. Big Problem is that you can’t visually tell if one of these drivers is next to you. So, how should you handle a collision with an uninsured driver?









Let’s start first by defining the terms “Underinsured” and “Uninsured”. An “Underinsured” driver is defined as a motorist that carries an insurance policy on their vehicle, but their coverage does not meet efficient level to cover damage caused by collision. An “Uninsured” motorist has no insurance coverage whatsoever. All insurance policies contain coverage limits. Drivers are able to choose which limit best fits their needs when they purchase a policy. However, it is always recommended that the fullest coverage be included in your policy. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes.

If you do happen to get into an accident with a driver with inadequate or no insurance, revert back to the basics. First, make sure everyone involved in the collision is safe and okay (both you and the other driver). Next, if the other driver tries to leave the scene, make sure to get as much information from them as possible, including:  name, phone number, address, insurance information, and license plate number. Call the police (Not 911-UNLESS there are injuries), also take photos of the accident scene (including street signs or landmarks). If possible, move the vehicles involved out of the way of traffic. Finally, make a police report and report the accident immediately to your insurance company.








When comparing the differences between an accident with an underinsured driver and one involving an adequately insured driver, the fully covered driver would need to see if their insurance company will cover the costs that the other driver and his or her insurance company is unable to pay.

Our final thoughts on this topic are that comprehensive auto insurance coverage is always the best way to go. Also, look into uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage policies, so that when you are in an accident with an underinsured motorist, your policy is intended to cover the costs, up to your limit.


Drive Safely!


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