Oh, those El Paso summers! Temps rise to 105, 107, and you are just “melting”. Thank goodness for your car’s refreshing A/C, right? But wait, you say your A/C is not working? Your car is only blowing hot air? Definitely not the time for this thing to happen to you. So, what’s going on? What could be the reason for this? Let’s look at troubleshooting your car’s A/C failure.












Before cars were mostly computerized, if you had a problem with your A/C, it could be narrowed down to lack of coolant due to leak or whatever. Nowadays, A/C systems are a lot more complex and numerous issues can cause failure. From sensors, switches, and vacuum lines to the coolant and even the control system. In addition, all of your A/C’s parts are tightly tucked away underneath your dash panel. Difficulties with one or multiple components can affect your A/C’s strength or function. Sometimes, your car can even experience what is called an “intermittent AC problem”, in which your A/C can be working one day, and not working the next.












Now you have a better clue as to what might be causing your A/C not to blow cold air. As we like to say, if in doubt, “Leave it to the pros!” Don’t just guess and buy a can of “quick fix” A/C recharge from your neighborhood auto parts store. It may help you recover your A/C in the short term, but you may have bigger repair bills down the road. When you bring your vehicle in to Pete Solis Collision Center, our highly trained mechanic will use state-of-the-art diagnostic machines and I-Car Gold Certified knowledge to evaluate the problem. Our analysis includes road testing, inspection of hoses and lines, as well as the compressor. We conduct thorough inspections of the condenser, coolant pressure, check for any leaks, and finally add coolant to recommended manufacturer levels.

So, there you go. Stay cool this broiling El Paso summer by keeping your car healthy and maintained. We are here to help, not just for collision work either!


Drive Safely!